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Greenbrier completes formation of GBX Leasing
New leasing company to complement existing go-to-market strategy
Creates stable, tax-advantaged cash flows
Initial leased railcar portfolio consists of $200 million of assets in 2021

LAKE OSWEGO, Oregon, April 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Greenbrier Companies, Inc. (NYSE: GBX) ("Greenbrier"), a leading international supplier of equipment and services to global freight transportation markets, today announced that it has completed the formation of GBX Leasing, a special purpose subsidiary, to own and manage a portfolio of leased railcars primarily built by Greenbrier. 

GBX Leasing will acquire approximately $200 million per annum of newly-built and leased railcars from Greenbrier.  The initial portfolio for GBX Leasing has been identified from leased railcars on Greenbrier's balance sheet or in its backlog. GBX Leasing will observe Greenbrier's established, strict portfolio standards for long-term investment, including credit quality, asset diversity, balanced maturities and asset liquidity. The initial equity investment is tax-advantaged as a result of the five-year net operating loss carryback provision in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, bonus depreciation and the MACRS depreciation system.

GBX Leasing completed an initial funding of nearly $100 million from a new $300 million non-recourse railcar warehouse credit facility and intends to be levered by approximately 3-to-1 debt to equity.  Leased railcars will be aggregated to obtain permanent debt financing through the asset-backed securities market.  GBX Leasing will be consolidated in Greenbrier's financial statements, and Greenbrier initially owns about 90% of GBX Leasing.  The Longwood Group, a Chicago-based transportation equipment advisory and asset management firm, will own the balance.  Longwood was formed by D. Stephen Menzies in 2018 to pursue a range of commercial investments in freight rail equipment and adjacent transportation markets. Prior to Longwood, Menzies was Senior Vice President, Trinity Industries and Group President of Trinity's railcar leasing, manufacturing and services businesses. Under Menzies leadership, leased railcar assets under ownership or management grew to exceed $10 billion while he also held responsibility for its highly successful North American manufacturing operations.  Menzies is Chairman & CEO of GBX Leasing.

Greenbrier CEO and Chairman William A. Furman stated, "We are extremely pleased to have finalized the formation of GBX Leasing, which marks an evolution of Greenbrier's leasing platform and our commercial and leasing strategy.  GBX Leasing creates a new annuity stream of tax-advantaged cash flows, while reducing Greenbrier's exposure to the new railcar order and delivery cycle.  From a commercial standpoint, it is a strong complement to our integrated business model of railcar manufacturing and services that further enhances our distribution strategies to direct customers, operating lessors, industrial shippers and syndication partners.  We expect that the joint venture will help Greenbrier continue to grow its diversified customer portfolio with a focus on industrial shipper customers and small batch production to leverage long-standing customer relationships and capabilities gained through the acquisition of ARI." 

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Greenbrier, headquartered in Lake Oswego, Oregon, is a leading international supplier of equipment and services to global freight transportation markets. Greenbrier designs, builds and markets freight railcars and marine barges in North America. Greenbrier Europe is an end-to-end freight railcar manufacturing, engineering and repair business with operations in Poland, Romania and Turkey that serves customers across Europe and in the nations of the Gulf Cooperation Council. Greenbrier builds freight railcars and rail castings in Brazil through two separate strategic partnerships. We are a leading provider of freight railcar wheel services, parts, repair, refurbishment and retrofitting services in North America through our wheels, repair & parts business unit.  Greenbrier offers railcar management, regulatory compliance services and leasing services to railroads and related transportation industries in North America. Through unconsolidated joint ventures, we produce industrial and rail castings, and other components. Greenbrier owns a lease fleet of 8,700 railcars and performs management services for 445,000 railcars. Learn more about Greenbrier at

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